December 16, 2016

Commercial & Business Insurance | Indianapolis, IN

Commercial Insurance protects your business from Property and Casualty exposures.  Below are some common coverages that can protect your business.

General Liability: Every business has a liability exposure.  General liability Insurance protects your premise and operations against claims of bodily injury and property damage. General liability Insurance also protects you from bodily injury or property damage claims made against products that you manufacture or work that you’ve completed.

Commercial Property: Protect your physical assets with commercial property Insurance.  This coverage can protect your building, personal property, and the loss of use of your business.

Professional Liability:  Your professional mistakes and omissions can create an exposure.  Errors and Omissions Insurance is tailored to fit a specific type of profession against mistakes or omissions.  This coverage is excluded from general liability policies.

Directors and Officers: Protects board members, directors, and officers against claims made that are made against their judgement.

Commercial Auto: Protects your business from automobile liability and can protect your automobiles from physical damage in the event of an accident.  Commercial auto policies can also provide many of the coverages that are available on personal auto policies like rental car reimbursement and road side assistance.

Workers Compensation:  All businesses with employees are required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance.  This coverage gives your employees the right to collect for their injuries, disability, or death that occur while on the job.

Commercial Umbrella: A commercial umbrella provides extended coverage over multiple liability policies such as general liability, commercial auto liability, employer practices liability, professional liability, etc.  Typical limits are from 1 Million to 20 Million.