December 13, 2016

Personal Insurance | Indianapolis, IN

Personal Insurance protects you and your family from non-business related losses. Below are some common types of personal insurance that we can offer.

Homeowners:  This type of policy provides insurance for the home you occupy.  It covers your dwelling, other structures on your property, your contents, and your living expenses in the event of a loss.  Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage to you and your family.

Renters Insurance: A renters policy provides coverage for your contents and gives you liability coverage for a dwelling that you are renting but do not own.

Personal Auto: Provides liability coverage for damage that is caused by your auto and covers damage to your own car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, or RV.  Policies can also provide rental reimbursement in the event of a loss, roadside assistance, and new car replacement.

Personal Umbrella:  Provides additional coverage ($1,000,000 – $5,000,000+) to all of your personal insurance policies.  Umbrellas are a relatively inexpensive way to raise the limits on all of your liability exposures.

Dwelling Insurance: Commonly referred to as Landlord Insurance, Dwelling Insurance protects a property that you own but do not occupy.  This type of insurance protects the dwelling, other structures on the lot, the loss of income or rent, and gives the owner liability coverage for that location.

Inland Marine Insurance: Inland Marine policies can allow you to insure individual valuable pieces of property.  Usually this includes jewelry, art, cameras, furs, guns, fine arts, computers, etc.